Let’s grab a drink!


I find this suggestion so cringe-worthy and I know nobody will understand why. I apologise in advance for this rant. 

To me it suggests one cannot open up and face social situations without the help of their trusty friend al to the cohol. It subtly tells me you cannot relax and cannot engage in a conversation unless you get a few bevvies in. But I find that whole concept so awkward and all I want to reply is that I don’t drink. That excuse is always followed by a plethora of common questions. They all want to know why I don’t drink and ‘come on just have one, don’t be so boring’. But we all know what happens when I have ‘one’. And of course I do enjoy the French kissing and crazy dancing that usually follows. But I ain’t gonna lie. Kinda makes me feel used and violated somehow. Harsh I know. But hey I told you I didn’t drink. You insisted!

I agree with the million of arguments you have in favour of alcohol. Well most anyways but I wish more people understood my point too. Is it so hard to understand why it can make me feel uneasy? I would rather talk to you. The real you. The slightly awkward and more shy version of you than the one you have created after a couple of beers. And stop telling me it’s boring not too drink. I will happily talk to strangers and dance on a table sober, I can have fun too! Yes it looks better if I’m holding a drink in my hand like you. It’s true it looks bizarre otherwise; it does make my hands look terribly empty and useless. Just don’t judge me for not enjoying alcohol. Or needing it. I don’t find it cool but I’m cool with this. Speaking of cool, drinks anyone? 

Disclaimer: I love food. Food is my alcohol. I am unashamedly addicted to sugar. I ain’t perfect and by no means do I think that my preferences are any better than yours. I just wish people were a bit more considerate rather than just assume that drinks are the only way to connect.

This pic was taken at the O bar and dining in Sydney. This cool venue is a must as it boasts a rotating 360-degree panoramic view of lovely Sydders. Definitely check it out, the experience is great, the vista is breathtaking and the cocktails yummy!

The O bar and dining


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