In the end, she became more than she expected. She became the journey, and like all the journeys, she did not end.
She simply changed direction and kept going.

Each and every one of us is currently on a journey. Fact.

Trying to survive in our unforgiving world is the journey we were kindly ‘offered’ by our parents. We did not really ask for anything, but here we are, so we might as well make the most of it right? Which is why some of us have also made the crazy decision to embark on several journeys, because hey why not?

I have decided to write this blog to document the various journeys I am currently on. I want to remember the paths I have taken, the memories I have made, the things I have liked, how I changed and transformed. I want to enjoy the process: life & the journeys and be able to analyse the progress. Remember that in the end it is not the destination that matters but all the pit stops and stories that fuel and colour the big picture.

So come on, follow me and find out where I am going. See me go onwards and upwards (always!), change directions and enjoy the serendipities that will come my way.


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