Farm life. The end. 26/08/2016

88 days.

This is it. Finally! Words cannot express the joy and relief I feel right now. I have worked so bloody hard for this and I can genuinely say that I have never done anything so challenging in my life before. I’ve done grafting, apple picking, apple packing, blueberry picking, pumpkin/cabbage/broccoli picking and last but not least raspberry picking/packing.

The most difficult part was having to do something I was not good at. Trying to find the energy and motivation to wake up every day, only to know I would be the worst and slowest again, well that was tough. Having to face my biggest OCD and trying hard not to have panic attacks and breakdowns, well that was the toughest. I hated farm work, it was boring and mentally numbing. It was a real pain in the arse. But guess what? Farm work has changed my life, farm work has taught me a lot about people and myself.

Farm work has been the best experience I could have ever asked for. I have met the most incredible people. Been to some amazing places and done some crazy shit! The people I have spent those 88 days with have made it all worth it, they have helped me through it all and have even managed to make it a rather pleasant thing. Man, it’s been fun! I have now so many memories to cherish for years to come and so many stories to share. I feel like I’ve done good. I have learnt that I can do things I don’t enjoy or struggle with. You just gotta believe. So I would like to thank each of you beautiful souls who have bumped into me throughout this adventure. Whether you have supported me or made my life more difficult, you have had an impact on this journey. Thank you peeps and hooray to the end of farm life. Boom!



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